While you may opt to decorate your home space with astoundingly gorgeous pieces of modern lounge chair design; you may not want to forget that a stunning table will complete the look and style that you are aiming for your humble abode. One perfect table that will suit your home’s modern and sophisticated look is Nuans Design’s visually stimulating Charles Table. Nuans Design is an exclusive wholesale distributor of European contemporary furniture lines. It is currently representing two remarkable collections: Nuans and Kubikoff Italy.

Nuans Design aims to bring European furniture available to the North American market. Simply put, the manufacturer makes quality, classy and modern furniture at very competitive prices. They keep larger inventory of their products; and just like Kubikoff, they want their pieces of art readily available and accessible to the public.



Nuans Collection
The Nuans Collection presents young, fun, minimalist and commercial grade modern furniture. The collection is composed of eye-catching and trendy chairs and tables that are suitable for home and commercial usage. The armchairs are ideal for dining space, outdoor use and even as accent pieces. Moreover, the tables and benches, particularly the Charles Table, reflects minimalism, modernism and functionality.

The Nuans Collection consists of 38 chair designs and three (3) table designs. It is manufactured in Nuans Design’s factory in Turkey, following European specifications. Let’s take a look at some of the popular furniture from this collection.


Hudson Plywood/Wood Base
This chair’s beauty is beyond words. It has a classy and homey-look; you’d want to sit on it the whole day. Nuans Design’s Hudson Plywood/Wood Base chair is flexible – you can use it anywhere in your home or office. Its oval, curved, seemingly protective shape and seamless upholstery makes it extremely comfortable to use. This quality and sturdy chair has solid beech wood legs.


Chelsea Lounge Wire
The Chelsea Lounge Wire is Nuans Designs’ reinterpretation of the classic Womb Chair designed by Eero Saarinen, a popular modern classic created during the boom of the furniture industry in the 1960s. Just like the Womb Chair, the Chelsea Lounge Wire design cradles and molds into your body’s shape, making it a really comfortable modern lounge chair that you can use for your home or office. This inviting chair’s oval, ellipse shell is set upon an aluminium cast and asymmetric wire base, giving it a more modern and updated look. The structure is made with fully upholstered injection molded foam seat.


Claremont Office Chair
Whether you have a home office or commercial space, Nuans Design’s Claremont Office Chair will liven up your work space with its elegant and simple design. It offers comfort, flexibility and functionality; and is made with quality materials. The chair has generous padding and chrome-steeled five star base with plastic casters. It can be height-adjusted and can swivel and tilt.

Charles Bench
The Charles Bench is simplicity personified. Its clean, minimalist design gives it an organic and homey appeal. This chic bench is hand-produced in Nuans Design’s workshop in Turkey, and is made of solid hardwood sanded to perfection.




Charles Table
Perhaps the most popular piece among the Nuans Collection, the Charles Table has two qualities rarely find in modern furniture today: geometric clarity and simplicity. Ideal for residential and commercial use, the Charles Table is the perfect dining table that will complement any of the dining chairs from the Nuans Collection. It is made out of solid hardwood sanded to perfection, and is available in natural beechwood or walnut-stained finish.


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You show the most popular pieces in your blog. Its clean, minimalist design gives it an organic and homey appeal.I really liked it. Thanks for sharing.

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