While most homeowners favor modern lounge chair design with its fluid curves, padded cushions, wide backs and ample armrests to perfectly mold the body when in use, others prefer modern wire chairs to infuse masculinity and add character to a space. These metal wire chairs easily capture anyone’s interest with a clean and geometric look and design. Simply put, a modern armchair doesn’t have to be bulky, and it doesn’t have to have curves to be welcoming.

In fact, boxy, geometric design and no-nonsense straight lines can be beautiful and comfortable. Three perfect and brilliant modern wire chairs that you should look at are designed by one of today’s top emerging furniture designers, Alp Nuhoglu for B & T Design.



Alp Nuhoglu & B & T Design

One of today’s top emerging furniture designers is Alp Nuhoglu, B & T Design’s design director since 2000. He got an early start in furniture design at the age of 23, and founded his very own furniture design company, D OR. He studied in Mimar Sinan University’s Industrial Products Design department. Alp Nuhoglu has created numerous furniture designs for the company; 25+ of which are featured on 212Concept.

Let’s take a look at Alp Nuhoglu and B & T Design’s three brilliant modern wire chairs sans the curves.


Dressy Armchair


This metal wire armchair resembles the shape of a triangle, and gives off a retro, classy vibe as well. The geometric design, of course, gives it a streamlined and clean look – a perfect dining chair or guest chair for your home or office. It is made from polyurethane bedding molded into a superior metal frame, ensuring its durability even after years of use. Its sled-design stainless steel legs come in matte, glossy chrome or powder coated finish. This high-user value wire armchair is available in different upholstery options: premium fabric, eco-leather and genuine leather in various colors.


Easy Chair

Another ingenious creation of Alp Nuhoglu for B & T Design is the Easy Chair. This wire armchair is designed with no-nonsense straight and slanted lines. Sleek and chic, this armchair is ideal for dining use or guest seating in your office. You can easily pair this with a glass or wooden dining table. With its unique appeal, it can be used as an accent chair in your living space, thrown together with your two to three-seater sofas or daybed. Regardless of your interior design, the Easy Chair will easily blend and adapt to your decorating ideas.

Just like the Dressy Armchair, the Easy Chair is made of polyurethane bedding and supported by steel springs and stainless legs. It also comes in various fabric options and colors.


Box Chair

This is one ideal armchair for your home or office. Absolutely boxy and beautiful, the Box Chair is perfect for your dining and office space. If you’re still in doubt about getting an armchair sans the curves, then the Box Chair should change your mind with its straightforward and tuxedo style design. Needless to say, it’s a very comfortable chair, thanks to its slanted armrests and wide back that fits your upper body well. Just like the Dressy Armchair and Easy Chair, the Box Chair is made from commercial grade high quality injection-molded foam. Its metal base comes in two designs: four-legged and sled-wire in polished, matte chrome or static paint. You can also choose whether you want the upholstery in fabric, leather and faux leather.  

To see more of Alp Nuhoglu's modern wire chairs  for B & T Design visit 212Concept.com

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