Choosing the perfect modern wood dining table for your space can often prove challenging—that is until you find ‘the one’. That one table that stands out among the plethora of run of the mill tables on the market. And, it’s not every day you can find one dining table that exudes elegance and unique appeal in one stunning design that speaks to you and your sense of style. Luckily, we have a feeling you’re going to be captivated by this one…

Inspired by the Parson Table design

Gino Lemson’s Mies Table is aptly named after his inspiration, Mies van der Rohe’s dining table created for his Berlin apartment circa 1920s. Better known as the Parson table, this dining furniture’s unique characteristic shines through Lemson’s modern take of the iconic design.

This is the type of table with square legs at the corner; and there is no visual break in the wood or leg that joins the top. Thus, it creates an illusion that the table is cut out from one big cube of wood. In addition, the more pronounced and unique characteristic of the Parson table is that its top is thicker than the width of the leg.



Mies Table

Designed by one of today’s top furniture designers, Gino Lemson of Kubikoff, the Mies Table is elegant, modern and surreal-like. If you’re looking for a modern dining table that will wow your guests and will serve as a foolproof conversation starter, then this is ‘the one’ table for you.

Lemson’s clever trick in creating the impression that the Mies Table is suspended or floating is simply noteworthy. He designed the table with thin bevelled edges that flow through radius cuts, blending with its thick legs. Just like the Parson table, the connection between the top and the legs, which are made of German acrylic, are seamless; and the top has solid steel support bars to eliminate wood movement. This stunning table’s finish is matte open-grain, giving it a natural look.



If your home has a minimalist look or your dining space features subdued color, this beautiful dining table will truly stand out. You can pair it with mixed and matched dining chairs in different colors and designs – yes, you can dare to be creative. A gallery art wall with black and white or bronze-gilded frames will also go well with this table’s wood finish. Don’t forget that an over-the-top lighting fixture can also complete the look of your space.

About Gino Lemson and Kubikoff

Born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in 1972, Gino Lemson is truly one of today’s emerging designers of modern furniture. He started out very early – designing furniture in his teen years. By the age of 20, he established his first furniture shop GM Living Style, together with his brother, Matthieu. Later, they co-founded Kubikoff Italy. Kubikoff provides high-user value modern furniture with astounding designs from some of today's noted designers. It aims to make modern furniture more accessible to the masses by producing quality and gorgeous fixtures at affordable prices.

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