When sprucing up your home, you might want to use brass in modern décor, one of this year’s trends that will absolutely turn your humble abode into a sleek, chic, timeless and elegant space. Brass’ innate elegance can easily transform a rather subdued or minimalist space, and can make your home look more interesting without overwhelming your senses. Needless to say, the comeback of brass in home décor is met with much flair and praises by designers and home owners alike.

While usually favoured by those who love classics, Victorian/Edwardian and traditional design styles, brass décor can be easily integrated into a contemporary home design. This no-fuss modern décor easily complements modern furniture, and can even sometimes, give a contrasting effect to your interior design without cramping your style. If you’re scared to experiment adding antique brass to your home, whether in structural elements, hardware or embellishments, fear not because this trend is surely here to stay.

Accessorizing with brass

"Try brass in a lamp, candlesticks, a mirror, frames or accessories. The color and finish compliments teals, purples and oranges, and pops against warm whites. The warm patina of vintage brass is a great way to bring something metallic into a space,” says AFP Interiors designer April Force Pardoe.

Designers today are falling in love all over again with antique brass because of its timeless appeal. Here are some brass modern decors that you can add to your home:


Brass Lamp

Looking for the perfect desk lamp for your home office? This brass table lamp is a perfect accent for it and brings a brilliant metallic edge to the space. No space for a desk lamp? Try adding a brass light fixture to illuminate your space and add a touch of shine.


Brass Chandelier

You’ll be surprised how brass is now used in modern lighting fixtures. This brass chandelier will not only brighten up your dining space; but, its elegant design will also be a conversation starter. It goes very well with wooden or even glass furniture amidst neutral tones.


Brass Cocktail Table

This glass table’s brass legs and structure will definitely compliment your modern living space. This brass cocktail table compliments modern furniture, neutral colors and minimalist design. Thinking of spicing up your cocktail table? Don’t forget to place accent pieces such as ceramic or glass vase, figurines and even a copy or two of your favorite coffee table book.


Brass Bar Cart

There’s nothing classier than a brass bar cart tucked away in a corner of your dining room. This gorgeous brass bar cart will not only serve its purpose very well with its two-tier racks; but, it adds beauty to your space, setting itself apart from your modern fixtures.


Brass Bookshelves

Who says bookshelves should only be made in wood or glass? These functional brass bookshelves will go very well in a modern home or office space. You can place them side by side or break the pattern by adding a console or décor between the two bookshelves.


Brass in the Powder Room

This powder room’s stunning look is more amplified because of the gorgeous brass fixtures. If you’re opting for white-only or neutral colors, using antique brass will make your space more unique and classy.


Brass in the Kitchen

Using brass as embellishments in your kitchen cabinets will liven up your space, and will surely make you want to linger.


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