Break away from your usual plain monotonous walls, bare floors and ho-hum solid furniture pieces by learning to use pattern in modern décor.

Designing a space can be compared to dressing up. There are vivid colors and layers of dynamic prints that you can mix and match,  in a chaotic yet harmonious sort of way—all you have to do is lower your inhibitions, throw out those strict rules, and have fun!

While others like to play it safe by just choosing small simple patterns sparingly, it’s the exact opposite of what iconic designer William Morris would have done. He advises, “Do not be afraid of large patterns, if properly designed they are more restful to the eye than small ones: on the whole, a pattern where the structure is large and the details much broken up is the most useful… very small rooms, as well as very large ones, look better ornamented with large patterns.” 

There is a variety of approach and materials in placing pattern in modern décor. Here are some ways that you can spruce up your interiors with exciting visual delights with pattern options ranging from the all-time favorite wallpaper motifs to eclectic textile patterns.

Mix and they will match. This is a sample collage of patterns that definitely created another work of art. Hides which are known for their distinct patterns are great choice for immediate dash of style and pattern. Eclectic is the overall feel of this interior.

Throw a bevy of summer colors onto your seat. Putting different textiles together is an exceptional idea to produce a unique pattern in modern décor. Aside from being a conversation piece, it will always leave lighten the mood.

Create a focal point by concentrating your patterns on furniture pieces. Plain walls here become a suitable backdrop for the explosion of color and pattern in the room’s midst.

Go geometric! The spotlight is now on the floor. An area rug with chevron pattern gives you this retro – postmodern appeal that makes you feel hip and groovy.

Textiles with playful pattern stand out in this ensemble. It melds well with the orange side chairs.


The element of repetition is one of the fundamentals in creating a pattern.


Wallpaper has evolved throughout the history of interior design. Even in some formal settings, graphic wallpaper would serve as a serene, elegant backdrop.

To create a rustic, modern country style feel for your space, opt for the natural pattern of bricks. Play up with different brick bonds or orientation. Another great option is stenciling patterns onto some woodwork.

Grace your walls with decorative glass tiles to add glamour to your space. Decorative tiles are among the most practical way to create pattern in modern décor. Aside from its durability, there are wide arrays of tile patterns to choose from.

When placing patterns into a space, the overall challenge is not to limit you from using different materials and the courage to use patterns of different scale. It’s time to be creative and go bold!


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